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Timetable of Events

Thursday, 21 June
15:00 Site opens. Check-in is at the front desk of the Skaptopara II Residence Hall. Located at 6 Svoboda Bachvarova Street, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.
17:00 Traveller’s Fare Available in the Student Center
20:00 Tavern
Friday, 22 June
7:00-9:00 Breakfast Main Hall
9:00 Archery Royal Rounds (MiC Lussi Lassesdotther)
10:00 Fencing - Learn from the prefects (MiC Pol O’Briain) A chance to cross swords with the prefects and improve your fencing.
Silent Auction to benefit the Kingdom Travel Fund (Main Hall)
Merchant tables open (Main Hall)
12:00 LUNCH Main Hall
14:00 Archery - Portsmouth Rounds (MiC Samuil Simeonov)
A&S: Scribal Class with Lord Richard of Salesberie (Library, third floor at the Gutenberg Bible display)
15:00 A&S: Drachenwalds’ Favorite Dances with Mistress Margaret de Mey Main Hall
Fencing Drachenwald 25 (MiC Pol O’Briain)
Show your stuff on the fencing field in a bearpit tourney.
First to 25 points wins!
17:00 Court Main Hall
18:30 Feast MainHall
21:00 Midsummer bonfire and Torch-lit Pas d’Armes
Tavern and Gaming  
Saturday, 23 June
7:00-9:00 Breakfast Main Hall
9:00 A&S-Early Medieval Irish Food with Lord Aodh O Siadhail
"There are no pre-Norman recipes for Irish Food. However, a combination of other texts and archaeological work allows us to reconstruct a good deal of what early medieval Irish food was like. Learn how this has been done, and just how much cheese was involved."
Room 6306
Singing for everyone with Lady Anneleyn Cornelisse Main Hall (Tentative)
10:00 Last Court of Their Majesties Lief and Morrigan
First Court of Their Majesties Vitus and Isabel  
12:00 LUNCH Main Hall
12:30 Luncheon Order Meetings Order of the Chivalry - Room 6210
13:00 Order of the Pelican - Room 6210 Order of the Laurel - Room 6210
13:30 Order of the Laurel - Room 6210
14:00 Fencing Queen’s Rapier Tourney
Archery Drachenwald Round (MiC Lussi Lassesdotther and Samuil Simeonov)
A&S Laurel-sponsored Prize Display under the auspices of Master Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale
(Room 6306)

Heavy - Duke Drachenwald’s Tourney

The tourney will be judged by the queen and will be a combination of a challenge tourney and a token tourney. All fighters will have tokens they give when defeated with the queen also giving tokens when she deems. Winners will be chosen by demonstrable courtesy, chivalry, prowess or entertainment value.

17:00 Court Main Hall
18:00 Feast MainHall
21:00 Tavern and Gaming  
Sunday, 24 June
07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast Main Hall
09:00 Pick-up fighting and archery as desired.
15:00 Site closes (Please remember to strip your bed)