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Registration & Accomodation


Booking is now open, please fill in one form for every person who will be attending to facilitate our event planning. Bookings will close two weeks prior to the event. Any cancellations after booking closes will be charged the full amount. Cancellations made two weeks before booking closes will be charged half the full amount. Earlier cancellations will incur no charge, but any refunds will be less any required bank transfer fees.


Drachenwald Summer Coronation 2018 will be held on the campus of the American University in Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad, which is 100 km from the Sofia International Airport. It is a University Campus, all buildings are modern and completed within the last 15 years. We will have the use of three buildings – the Student Center, the Library and classroom building, and a residence hall. They are all immediately adjacent to each other. We can accommodate up to 350 people in twin rooms with private baths in one self-contained residence hall. More information
Residences building

No bunkbeds! All twin rooms in suites of two rooms connected by a full bath.
All classrooms, feast hall, court, and kitchens air conditioned.
There are locker rooms with showers in the building adjacent to the fighting area – no need to keep sweaty armor in your bedroom!
All buildings on site are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted in marked areas on the grounds.
Site is discreetly wet.

Sound great? Here's how to find us and Booking is now open!

Payment Information

Booking Type Price and Description
Adults: 100 Euros (Includes all meals, including feast, from Thursday night traveller's fare through breakfast on Sunday morning, a twin bed including bedding of a two room suite, and towels. Each suite has a private bath (So one bathroom for 4 people).
Youth, ages 5-15: 75 Euros (Includes all meals, bedding, and towels)
Under 5: Free

Payment can be made by bank transfer in Euro to:
Name: DSKBank

If you are outside the Eurozone, payment can be made at the door in Leva. Reservations must be confirmed with travel plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all meals included?
Payment gets you all meals, including feast, from Thursday night traveller's fare through breakfast on Sunday morning.

Are there bathrooms/showers?
The rooms are divided in 2 room suites, each suite has a private bath (So one bathroom for 4 people) Towels will be provided as standard.

How can I tell if I've already Booked?
We will be maintaining an "Already Booked" list so you can check you're on the list and see who else will be there! This will get updated every few days, so if you don't see your name appear as soon as you book don't be concerned, but if you still can't see it a week later it migt be worth checking with the reservations steward.

I have a question about my booking, what should I do?
The best person to get in touch with is the Reservations Steward for the event.

Are towels and bedding included?
Yes, bedding and towels are provided by the site.

Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed on site, as per Bulgarian law

How is recycling managed on site
Recycling bins for glass, paper, metal and plastic are located in all buildings on campus and are clearly marked. Please be kind and recycle.

Is there access to lockers?
Yes, there are lockers and keys for these will be provided on the site, there is no need to bring a seperate padlock.